As a community-led organization, all our programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of our target community.


We identify stakeholders in the health sector, human rights lawyers, and other uniform men (law enforcement agencies) in Nigeria where issues related to community members are referred to, especially issues that have to do with violations of human rights and access to quality health care services, and we provide them with sensitization training.


We train healthcare service providers on the fundamental human rights of the community, we also identified and created links between our organization, the community, and human rights lawyers-led organization as a point of contact during violation of rights of the community members for pro-bono services.

Healthcare & Support

We provide prep for prevention and referral for ART, care and support services for people living with HIV, retention in care and follow-up using community client trackers, documentation of gender-based violence and referrals, provision of condom and lubricant for safer sex, referrals for anal warts screening, using client support group system for administering of ART and discussion on healthy living.

Human Rights Documentation

We carry out documentation of human rights violations, stand in for the community in times of trials, and provide pro-bono lawyers for the community in times of violations of rights and court appearances. We also train community members as paralegals, provide sexual and reproductive health care services, this includes, STI screenings and referrals.

Economic empowerment

We train community members on skills accusation and how to manage a business, and also provide start-up capital, referrals for job opportunities, etc.