We work, serve and respond to issues affecting key populations in Nigeria.

What We Do.

As a community-led organization, all our programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of our target community.

We work with other stakeholders, community groups, activists, individuals, and agencies to advocate, promote and protect the human rights of Key Populations in Nigeria.

We provide holistic and quality healthcare services and information to Key Populations in Nigeria, with a focus on LGBTIQ+ persons. Our services range from HIV testing, counseling, treatment, and other STI’s/STD’s.

Through our various projects, we educate the general public about the plight of Key Populations and bring attention to the many challenges that they face in the country.

Our resource section provides useful and accurate
information about some of the frequently asked questions
bothering on health, human rights, and sexuality.

Our partners and Donors
We rely on the support from our donors and partners to achieve our goals and objectives.